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What Is the Ministry of Freedom?

Who is the Course Creator of the Ministry of Freedom?

What’s Inside the Ministry of Freedom Course?

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Is the Ministry of Freedom Course for You?

How do the Students of Ministry of Freedom Fare?

Is the Ministry of Freedom Course Worth the Money?

What’s the Ministry of Freedom’s IRON-CLAD Guarantee?

Conclusion – Ministry of Freedom Course

What is the Ministry of Freedom? | Ministry of Freedom Review

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Ministry of Freedom Course Unveiled – If you’re reading this, chances are you might have seen the webinar by Jono Armstrong about his flagship course – The Ministry of Freedom. If you have yet to watch it, you can check out the LIVE Webinar HERE at a convenient time. The webinar is pretty long to go over, as it does goes through the exact details covered in the Ministry of Freedom course so I do suggest you allocate at least 90 to 120 minutes to watch it. Yes, I’m aware it’s a lengthy webinar, however I do promise you, it’s well worth your time if you want to change the way things are going in your life. Try to watch the webinar in an uninterrupted manner in order to truly understand the course as it’s presented by Jono Armstrong, so you can make your own informed decision thereafter.

If you have seen it though, then you’re probably here wondering is this the answer to finally quit your 9-5 and attain your life of freedom, and to pursue what you really want in life. in terms of freedom of wealth and time.

The short answer to all of your questions though, are both a YES and NO. 

Read on to find out why as I share my personal experiences being a recent full-paying member of this training and mentorship program. (I’ve been in the Ministry of Freedom program for 3 weeks now, having joined in on the 5th of October 2020).

My contact details are listed at the bottom of this article, if you want to hit me up on Facebook to have a chat before your commit to this.

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Who is the Course Creator of The Ministry of Freedom?

The Ministry of Freedom is the brainchild of Jono Armstrong. He is currently the Top Affiliate Marketer on the JVZoo and WarriorPlus networks – which are the top 2 digital product platforms in the world boasting tens of thousands of digital and software products that you can leverage on to build a viable affiliate marketing business over the long-term.

Jono Armstong is originally from United Kingdom, but has been living in Jakarta, Indonesia for many years now with his family. In fact when he first moved to Jakarta, he was a part-time actor and an English teacher and had absolutely no clue about digital marketing and how to make money online with a viable affiliate marketing business model.

When Jono Armstrong first started dabbling in affiliate marketing, he also spent many years as a struggling affiliate trying to make sense of things, chasing after the shiny object syndrome, and just literally blindly trying new things out in the hopes of finding a method and strategy that works.

That’s one of the main reasons I joined the Ministry of Freedom mentorship program, as learning from one of the top affiliate marketers in the world who has literally built everything up single-handedly and yet still remember what it felt like when he first got started, is truly valuable.  It’s also understandably a feeling that most people can relate to, especially if you’re new on this journey of making money online or affiliate marketing specifically.

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What’s Inside the Ministry of Freedom Course?


As detailed earlier, the Ministry of Freedom is a training and mentorship program that spans over 9 weeks, and is truly one of a kind mentorship program available today. It is the only mentorship program that comes with an iron-clad Money Back Guarantee, as well as a feature that enables you to leverage Jono’s Armstrong 50,000 subscribers of his YouTube channel to make money the moment you get started with the program (i.e. with the rotator initiative) – more on this later!

No one else would literally hand over hundreds of dollars or more that is destined to land in their bank accounts, over to you for simply following the instructions and doing the work as detailed in the Ministry of Freedom’s course. That to me is truly the GOLDEN selling point of the Ministry of Freedom’s mentorship program.

In addition, the training program inside the Ministry of Freedom in itself is very thorough, presented in high-quality HD video, detailed and takes you step-by-step in executing every single task required to take you to those $10,000 months quickly with Jono’s clear and concise instructions.

The Ministry of Freedom course content overview is as follows:


Inside Week 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

If you’re like me, you probably are thinking yeah I’d probably just skip this module. Don’t! I can totally relate with what’s on your mind though, that’s what I felt too when I first got started with the Ministry of Freedom.

But I strongly recommend that you start with this module to get your mindset right. It certainly is no exaggeration that ‘Mindset is Everything!’

Once you commit to this program, you have to ensure that you’re wired for success, and this module teaches you exactly how to do that by getting your mindset in tune with what you expect to achieve out of this program, as well as some of the best practices that Jono himself applies on his day to day life for enhanced productivity. If anything this in-depth module gives you an insight into how a multiple 7-figure affiliate marketer runs his business every single day.

Also Inside Week 1:  The Organic Module

The Organic Module teaches you the various ways in which you can generate and leverage FREE Organic traffic using platforms such YouTube and Google.

Jono shares the various tactics and techniques that he himself uses on a daily basis to build up his organic traffic on YouTube and grow his mailing list. These methods are proven, as they work for a super-affiliate and will undoubtedly work for you too, as long as you stick to the course instructions. Organic traffic is one of the best traffic source that you can leverage on if you’re serious about building up a successful affiliate marketing business and having Jono share his proven and battle-tested strategies that are working now to achieve the same is truly worth its weight in gold.

Also Inside Week 1:  Live Q&A Webinar Schedule

In this section you can find out when the Live Q&A Webinars over Zoom are held throughout the week, and can choose to hop on it when convenient for you. These Live Q&A sessions are held 4 times per week and offers an unrestricted access to Jono and members of his team for direct mentorship and clarity. You can find the schedule of the Live sessions below (subject to changes).

If you miss any of them, you can also always watch the replay accessible via the link in the Private Facebook Group at any time convenient for you.

  • Monday 7pm EST (Jono)
  • Tuesday 11am EST (Marc – Organic & Launch Jacking)
  • Wednesday 4pm EST (Mo – Paid Traffic)
  • Thursday 1pm EST (Jonas)

The material contained in the main Ministry of Freedom course in itself is very thorough, however occasionally if you need clarity on certain things or run into a problem or mental-block somewhere along the way, you can use these live Q&A sessions to hop in for real-life assistance. In addition the course itself also has a support feature that you can raise a question in the training at anypoint, and you get a response in less than 24 hours. Jono truly believes in offering you every support you’d need to succeed and its nice to know that he has thought about all of this for his students.

TAKE-AWAY: The right mindset and commitment are the cornerstones for success, and that’s why Jono takes the time to go over some of the practices that you too could start applying in your daily life to truly position yourself to succeed and attain the life that you truly want.


Inside Week 2: Tools and Applications

In the second week of Ministry of Freedom training and live mentorship program, you’d be learning all about the tools and applications that you’d require to build up your successful affiliate marketing business online in no time at all. Amongst the tools covered include how to use auto-responders for email automation, setting up your computer, organizing yourself to be more effective, creating accounts on affiliate networks to get paid, and many more.

Now if you’re thinking that these tools would cost a fortune, I can truly understand your concern, but rest assured that these are mostly free tools or come at a very low cost, and some even come with a Free 30 Days Trial which is more than enough time for you to recoup some money from executing what you learn from the Ministry of Freedom’s course.


Inside Week 3 & 4: Launch Jacking

Now, this is when things really start to get interesting. You will learn the basics about launch jacking and how you too could start employing this technique to start raking in money in no time. In a nutshell, launch jacking is a method in which you would find a new product that’s just recently been launched on the marketplace, or is about to be launched soon, and be the one of the first few people who do a review of the product.

This works amazingly well because most people are looking for information on a new product launch, and many of the other seasoned online marketers may not have had a chance to review or test out the new product. This is where you come in. You have the First Mover’s advantage to be the authority of the said product and attract a lot of visitors and free traffic to your reviews. By getting them to then purchase the product under your affiliate link – you land a nice, cushy commission.

This is a technique that has served Jono Armstong very well over the years and has allowed him to achieve an incredible amount of success in a fairly short period of time. He also teaches you how to take advantage of this entire technique and implement this in growing your online marketing business. This Launch-Jacking method alone has allowed Jono to rake in over $500 to $1000 days when he first got started. More importantly, it’s also allowed his students in the Ministry of Freedom’s course to see those $100 to $300 days in a very short period of time.

This truly is the module that makes a big chunk of this course and the value contained in these alone is truly out of this world! Imagine having the knowledge and experience to execute the same and see your own first $100 to $300 days – how would that change your life?


Inside Week 5: Advanced Launch Jacking

Moving on to Modules 5, which entrails everything you need to take the knowledgbasic insights of Launch-Jacking new digital product launches,

Modules 3 & 4 entail basic insights into launch jacking and how you can integrate it into your marketing efforts. Now for module five, Jono Armstrong goes deeper into this technique, and hence the name advanced launch jacking. You learn deeper insights not included in Modules 3 & 4 and other secrets to make launch jacking work for you.

Module 6: Soft Launching

During this module, you learn how to create an impressive product that can attract lots of affiliates. Jono also teaches you how to do a soft launch, something that not many people are aware of. By letting you into the secrets of soft launching, you can take advantage of this profitable technique to earn income.

Module 7: Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways you can use to succeed online. Jono Armstrong knows the power of this marketing technique, and that’s why it’s a key element in his training course.

He teaches you anything and everything about email marketing to help you take advantage of this tactic efficiently. You learn the right ways to promote offers to your email list and other things that can be great assets to your online business success.

One fantastic thing about Armstrong is that he teaches from his experiences. He teaches methods he has used in the past and ones he has seen producing success. Effective and efficient email marketing is one of these methods, and he is an expert at it. And what a wonderful thing to learn from the master himself!

Module 8: Product Launching

Being a top-ranking affiliate at WarriorPlus and other platforms, Jono Armstrong is definitely the person from whom you’d want to learn. In this module, he takes you step by step through advice and strategies to ensure your product launch is as profitable as possible. He also gives you insider tips and secrets for a successful product launch.

With product launching being an essential part of affiliate marketing, it’s something you need to learn. And there’s no better person to learn from than Jono Armstrong, an individual who has launched lots of products successfully and profitably.

Module 9: Paid Traffic

At some point in his online marketing journey, Jono paid $70,000 to learn about paid advertising. In this module, he teaches you what he learned – the right methods to use paid ads across various platforms to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate system.

The best part? He lets you in on his ad campaigns to boost your efforts when it comes to generating traffic. How about that?

In addition to these modules, there are lots and lots of other amazing things you get after purchasing Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong. Remember all these things are geared to helping you succeed online.

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What are the Features of Ministry of Freedom?

You can opt for the Front-End vrsion of FLIIK or a number of upsells as follows to take your purchase even further:






OTO #6 : FLIIK 1K WEEK (V3) : USD 127

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Who’s the Ministy of Freedom Course For?

How do the Students of Ministry of Freedom Fare?

Is the Ministry of Freedom Course Worth the Money?

What’s the Ministry of Freedom’s IRON-CLAD Guarantee?

Conclusion – Ministry of Freedom Course

Average Score (4.95/5.0)

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Ministry of Freedom is the MOST Comprehensive Course to Earn Your First $1000 Online in 60 Days


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  • Hijack commission for any product purchased

  • Simple 3 step ‘EverGreen Formula’ for Results

  • Automatically Generate Product Comparison Videos Without Being on Camera

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  • Unique Customer Friendly Revenue Generation Application


  • Interface could be desinged a little more clearly.

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