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What is Multiple Income Funnel?

Multiple Income Funnel Review

Multiple Income Funnel is a proven, high-converting marketing system/tool specially designed to help you promote your business.

This system is created by an entrepreneur by the name of Mack Mills. Mack is a serial entrepreneur, social influencer, and a 8 figure digital marketer with over 20 years of marketing experience. He is known to create high converting systems that generates leads and sales for his own business, as well as other people’s businesses.

Multiple Income Funnel is a perfect solution if you’re into affiliate marketing and intend to build a successful online business for yourself. The key differentiator of the Multiple Income Funnel lies in the fact that you’re able to leverage up to 4 different high-ticket income streams with this system, and earn up to $5200 in commission paid out per referral!

Here are the 4 Easy Steps to take to take advantage of this system that generates sales on autopilot:

Four Easy Steps to get Started with Multiple Income Funnel

Step #1: Sign up for the Multiple Income Funnel today!

Simply CLICK HERE to activate your Multiple Income Funnel system today in an instant. It only costs $49/month to start with Income Stream #1 today.

Step #2: Activate ALL 4 Income Streams in the Multiple Income Funnel

Activate all 4 Income Streams to enjoy up to $5200 per Referral made via the Multiple Income Funnel system. These are:

Income Stream #1 – Multiple Income Funnel (Pays out $20/monthly recurring commission)

Income Stream #2 – Easy1Up (Pays out 100% Commission up to $2000)

Income Stream #3 – (Pays out $100 or $500 commissions)

Income Stream #4 – Traffic Authority (Pays out up to $4000 commissions)

Step #3: Promote your Affiliate Link 

Once you activate and gain access to your own Multiple Income Funnel system, you’d be shown all the video training instructions for you to immediately apply and buy high-converting traffic that you can promote your very own affiliate link to – so that you too could start ending those big ticket commissions quickly.

Step #4: Choose How To Get Paid

The Multiple Income Funnel offers a multitude of e-wallet options for you to get paid your commissions earned. Once you’ve selected this, you can sit back and relax and watch your commissions pile up in no time at all!

Multiple Income Funnel Review

Multiple Income Funnel Features | Multiple Income Funnel Review

Multiple Income Streams

One of the key differentiators of the Multiple Income Funnel system is the fact that you can earn from different income streams by promoting one single affiliate link. These multiple income streams on offer also pay out high commissions that amount to thousands of dollars per sale. Hence making the Multiple Income Funnel super profitable to run as an offer for your affiliate marketing business/hustle.

Done-For-You System

Employing the Multiple Income Funnel also means that you’re able to employ a proven, Done-for-You solution that generates commissions on autopilot. Everything in the Multiple Income Funnel from videos, links, landing pages to email marketing back-end system is already done for you. All you really have to do is simply promote a single affiliate link that pays you commissions.

High Conversion

Running the Multiple Income Funnel offer is also profitable because the offer itself converts very well. Starting from just $49/month and offering an opportunity to build a business that can easily pay you upwards of $10,000 a month passively is a very attractive idea to start with – which hundreds of millions of people who are searching for a proven make money online opportunity are looking for. This then translates quickly into sales and commissions for yourself.

Engaging Videos

The videos that are featured in the Multiple Income Funnel system are also professionally produced and highly engaging to the viewer. You can click on the link below to see it for yourself. As such these videos are also compelling to your potential target market and make it easy for even a complete beginner to understand the system and the process behind it.

No Approval Required

Unlike other affiliate marketing networks such as Maxbounty etc that require a prior approval to running an offer to promote as an affiliate, you do not need to be approved to promote the Multiple Income Funnel. You are automatically approved to promote the offer when you join as a paid member by just paying $49/month.

All-in-One System

With the Multiple Income Funnel system, you also do not need a separate landing page builder (think Clickfunnels, or Builderall etc.), nor do you even need an email autoresponder software (think Getresponse or ActiveCampaign etc.) Why? Because the landing page (or also known as an opt-in page) that captures someone’s name and email is automatically captured in the backend of the system. Once this is done, Automatic email sequence is sent out to your leads so that you have a chance of converting the lead into a sale in the backend of it.

Multiple Income Funnel Legit

Multiple Income Funnel Pricing | How Much Can You Earn?

Here are the details of how much it would cost for you to get started with the Multiple Income Funnel system immediately today. You can also read on to find out exactly how much you stand to make per referral to this system, and how those commissions are going to stack up real quick when you jump in on this today. Read on to find out the various Income Streams available with this amazing money-making machine that’s entirely Done-For-You when you choose to get started today. Let’s start printing those greens now shall we?

Income Stream #1 (Multiple Income Funnel)

Multiple Income Funnel

To get started with the Multiple Income Funnel system and Income Stream #1, it only costs you $49/month to do so. This gives you complete access to the system and all of the other Income Streams at the backend of the system for you to leverage on.

How Much Can You Earn from Income Stream #1

With every referral that you make to the system, you stand to make $20/month recurring commission. I love recurring commissions, and you would as well, as all you have to do is land a single sale to be paid up to $240/year for life!

You’d also realize that because the system converts into sales so well, your monthly commissions would run into thousands of dollars before you know it. Just check out how much of the other members in the system are doing with just Income Stream #1.

Income Stream #2 (Easy1Up)

Multiple Income Funnel Easy1Up

Now to get started with Income Stream #2 – Easy1Up, there are a few options or product selections that are available for you. They are as follows:

  • Elevation – $25
  • Elevation Elite – $100
  • Vertex – $250
  • Vertex Elite – $500
  • Vertex Pro – $1000
  • Vertex Elite – $2000

The key thing to keep in mind is that what you earn is limited to the level in which you choose to get started with. The amazing thing about this Income Stream #2 – Easy1Up is that it pays 100% commission. In other words, it pays directly to you, instantly! So if you choose the Vertex Elite level ($2000) to join Easy1Up as part of your Income Stream #2 – you stand to make $2000 per sale and you get to keep all of it!

This is also known as pay-to-play affiliate marketing product – so you only can earn up to the level in which you choose to get involved with Easy1Up. In other words, if you choose to join the Vertex level ($250) to get started, you can make 100% commission on all levels of Elevation ($25), Elevation Elite ($100) and Vertex ($250). However should someone you refer to the system join the Vertex Elite ($2000) level, unfortunately you’d lose out on the sale as you aren’t qualified to earn on that level.

As such it’s important to join this Income Stream #2 (Easy1Up) at the level at which you would want to earn per sale. If you’re serious about earning thousands of dollars per sale in no time at all, you do want to join the Vertex Elite ($2000) level which qualifies you for a whole lot of Exclusive Bonuses including a feature in which I spend $500 of my own money to drive high quality traffic and leads to promote your Multiple Income Funnel affiliate link. It certainly doesn’t get any better than that! For more details on all the bonuses you’d be entitled to when you join this amazing Income Stream, check out this Video Presentation here.

How Much Can You Earn from Income Stream #2 (Easy1Up)

With Easy1Up, if you choose to build a succesful and profitable affiliate marketing business, and earning those big ticket commissions are important to you, then joining Easy1Up at the Vertex Elite level ($2000) means you get to pocket all 100% of those big ticket commissions instantly! So you literally get to earn 100% of a $2000 sale with Easy1Up – which certainly is a big deal!

Income Stream #3 (

Multiple Income Funnel Textbot

Income Stream #3 as part of the Multiple Income Funnel system is which pays you $100 per sale or referral. is a programmable chatbot whch can interact with your leads and prospects over SMS chat. It’s able to do this using programmable chat messaging function. This provides another method for you to gather and collect leads for your own business or your affiliate makreting business with the Multiple Income Funnel system.

To get started with this Income Stream #3 – all you need is just to pay a one-time $100 to activate your smart chatbot system and top up a little credit to start sending those custom programmable SMS messages to your prospects and leads. It’s super easy and fun to use and the fact that over 90% of SMS messages are read within 2 minutes of being sent, also makes this a powerful marketing tool that you could leverage on either for your affiliate marketing business with th Multiple Income Funnel or your own offline/online business (if you have one).

How Much Can You Earn from Income Stream #3 (

With – you can earn upto $100 per sale/referral – again which is paid directly to you when you enrol a downline with your team. This is yet another avenue in which you could earn using this incredible chatbot/textbot tool and get paid commissions which certainly adds up in no time at all.

Having this Income Stream together with the Mutiple Income Funnel also makes it an easy sale, as most poeple are already aware of just how important and powerful SMS marketing messages can be today.

Income Stream #4 (Traffic Authority)

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business worth its salt. Getting the right people in front of your offer is key to making sales consistently, and it’s the same thing for the Multiple Income Funnel system. Income Stream #4 – Traffic Authority is a source of high quality and high converting traffic that you could use to start driving highly motivated people to your Multiple Income Funnel affiliate link. The source of traffic for Traffic Authority consists of interested leads and prospects who are interested in the make money online or business opportunities online – which makes this is a powerful and potent traffic source to use to start building your own list and driving targeted people to see your offer.

All you really have to do is simply copy and paste your Multiple Income Funnel affiliate link when you place an order with Traffic Authority (Income Stream #4) and sit back and relax – as the ordered leads start coming in. The source of these leads are from email marketing lists containing hundreds of thousands of high quality leads.

How Much Can You Earn from Income Stream #4 (Traffic Authority)

Traffic Authority pays 50% to 80% off all traffic packages ordered. So all you have to do is simply sit back and count those commission pay checks. This translated into a commission of over $4000 for the sale Diamond Package (if that happens to be you).

As you can see, with Traffic Authority, you not only get to make huge commissions, but also get to drive highly targeted and motivated leads for your Multiple Income Funnel affiliate marketing business. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Multiple Income Funnel

Multiple Income Funnel Exclusive Bonuses [Valued at $594]

Now I’m a BIG Believer that equipping someone with the skills that would pay them over and over again for life is crucial. Which is why I want to help you achieve the same kind of results and success I’ve had with this proven autopilot system.

All you have to do is keep an open mind, follow instructions and execute everything that I’m about to share with you below.

Multiple Income Funnel
Multiple Income Funnel Review 2021

BONUS 1 : Google Doc Quick Start Guide

This contains everything you’d need to know to build a successful affiliate marketing business using the Multiple Income Funnel and 4 Income Streams that pay you over and over again countless times.

With a whole bunch of exact steps, resources and everything else you’d need to start seeing results with the Multiple Income Funnel, this Google Doc contains everything you’d need to know to earn your first commission in 30 Days or less – as long as you take action every single day.

Multiple Income Funnel System
Multiple Income Funnel Review

BONUS 2 : Multiple Paydays with Affiliate Marketing Video Training Course

This course (worth $497) on the Teachables platform would show you exactly what you need to do to start making your first commissions with this proven Multiple Income Funnel. This course is provided completely FREE of Charge to my team members upon joining, and would walk through a series of high quality video training and tutorials that you can immediately use to start building towards earning those multiple commission pay checks for yourself by building a successful affiliate marketing business in no time at all.

Multiple Income Funnel Review

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Earn Multiple Paychecks on Autopilot with Multiple Income Funnel!


  • Done-for-You Marketing System

  • Earn $5200 per Referral

  • Instant High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions

  • Perfect for Beginners

  • Earn from not one, but 4 Income Streams

  • Completely Passive Income once you Build a List

  • Only $49/month to start earning from this system today!


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