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What is Trafficize | Trafficize Review

Trafficize Review

The Only Traffic Link You Will Ever Need.

Trafficize lets your customers access our innovative traffic-link and biopage platform that turns their TikTok, Instagram or pretty much anywhere they use it into a traffic siphoning magnet. 

Have you ever tried to manage multiple links on Instagram and TikTok? Newsflash – you can’t. These platforms and several others only let you put up one link per profile. Which means that should you have several links you’d like to promote on your profile, you’re going to have to swap them out manually or change your profile or create multiple profiles to promote all your links that you wish to.

With Trafficize you can now create as many backlinks as you want on both Instagram and TikTok (and pretty much anywhere else!), allowing your customer to tap into this HUGE traffic source. People can put their websites, lead magnets and offers in front of engaged buyers without ever having to change their profile or bio again.

The best part is that these links can be entirely customised and look super appealing to your viewers to click on – increasing your CTRs instantly!

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your Social Media profiles with Trafficize today!

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Trafficize Features | Trafficize Review

With Trafficize you get a whole bunch of features, detailed below:

Lifetime Access to the Trafficize Platform

With a one time purchase of Trafficize, you get instant access to the platform for life. Unlike others such as which also offers something similar but charges $6 monthly for the Pro version, you can accomplish so much more with just a one time purchase with Trafficize.

Access An Untapped Traffic Source Instantly

With Trafficize, you also get instant access to an untapped traffic source especially if your Instagram and Tik Tok profiles are growing rapidly. You’re able to tap into this traffic source and instantly monetize them!

Create Unlimited Biopages

With Trafficize, you can also create unlimited Biopages specific to a profile or product, hence giving more value upfront and a clearer description of what you do.

Create Unlimited Campaigns

You can also create unlimited campaigns with Traffiize with ease and no restrictions.

Create Unlimited Links

Well, this goes without saying, but there are absolutely no limits to the use links on Trafficize, add links to your heart’s content easily to make the most of your social media followers.

Fully Customizable

The links you create on your social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok can also be entirely customized according to your own preferences. Have the look and feel that you’re truly content with easily by simply swapping out the elements as you see fit.

Full Suite of Statistics

Tracking your links, clicks and conversion easily with Trafficize is a breeze. Tracking your link performance is crucial to ensure that you’re making the most of your clicks and traffic, and Trafficize lets you do that with ease.

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Trafficize Pricing & Offers (OTOs)

There are several upsells or One-Time-Offers (OTOs) available for you to choose from after you pick up the front end of Trafficize. I do recommend the OTO #1 as it offers several amazing options including the rights to resell Trafficize as your very own and earning you a new and profitable revenue stream instantly which you can also monetize using the same social media platforms that you’re using Trafficize on. That truly is something isn’t it?

Typically licence or reseller rights are only found at the end of the funnel, but by making this available right at the beginning of the funnel (with OTO #1) – you can truly leverage Trafficize itself as platform to generate revenue on as an additional stream of income.

They are as follows:


Trafficize AutoBahn Gold: [$87]

Trafficize Autobahn App

Trafficize Autobahn Reseller

Trafficize AutoBahn Platinum: [$97]

Trafficize Autobahn App

Trafficize Autobahn Reseller

Trafficize Autobahn Marketing pack

10,000 Visitor Package

Webinar Walk Thru


Lifetime access to the app

OTO 2 –  Trafficize TikTok Empire [$97 + $7.95 Recurring]

Trafficize TikTok Empire is a completely Done-For-You TikTok business, guaranteed to bring in your first set of followers.

Our team of designers will create fresh daily content for your business that will push your engagement, traffic and sales through the roof

This will all be unique to you, designed to turn your TikTok accounts into an evergreen traffic machine

We’ll design the content for you

We’ll create the content for you

We’ll edit the content for you

We’ll deliver the content for you

You just sit back and watch it grow

Trafficize TikTok Empire is the FAST-TRACK to gaining followers and making money online with TikTok.

Bonus: Also comes with resell rights

OTO 3 – Trafficize Turbo – Monetization Edition [$47]

Instantly monetize your Trafficize biopages with our Turbo Platform.

The Turbo platform gives you a huge set of over 70+ DFY offers, DFY Bonus Pages and over 200+ bonuses that you can use to give away in your promotions.

You can add these offers to your Trafficize profile to instantly monetize and start earning straight away. You can even build your own campaigns inside the app thanks to our drag’n’drop campaign editor.

  • Over 70 Campaigns Ready To Go
  • Build Your Own Campaign Drag and Drop
  • Over 200 Bonuses To Use With Your Campaigns

OTO 4 – Trafficize Business Accelerator – Your Own Turnkey Online Business [$497 or 2x $249 or 3x $169]

Your users will be able to start their very own online business. Simply pick from one of 5 different niches and we will build an automated/outsourced/reseller business for you – designed to generate passive income.

You don’t even need to buy your own inventory or own any of your own products as your store will be fully stocked from day 1.

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Trafficize Bonuses | Trafficize Review

Trafficize Review

BONUS 1 : Build Up your Email List on Steroids with Trafficize

Trafficize Review

BONUS 2 : An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and Making the Most of your Social Media Profiles


BONUS 3 : Boost your Instagram Reach with Trafficize and Instagram Marketing Made Simple

Trafficize Review

BONUS 4 : Instant Access to All Vendor Bonuses

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Trafficize is the only Traffic Link you will ever need.


  • Access An Untapped Traffic Source Instantly

  • Create Unlimited Biopages & Links

  • Fully customizable – Match your style or add your own touch

  • Lifetime Access To The Trafficize platform

  • Full Statistics Suite – See exactly which links are giving you the best results


  • Nothing glaring at the moment.

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